Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Family survival experts: How to find the best one for your family

Family Survival Guide is a very important investment of your money and time. Effective instructions will save you both. Many so called family survival experts exist on the internet and elsewhere. Some have good intentions whereas others simply see this as an opportunity to make extra income due to increasing popularity of survival guide for families. You should choose the survival expert wisely as it is about the safety and lives of you and your loved ones. The following tips can help you choose a good expert for your family’s survival. 

When looking for an expert for family’s survival, ask to see the expert’s resume. Professional experts have professional resumes. You have a right to know who is taking you into the survival field and how qualified they are. Many experts are just hobbyist. So make sure that the expert you choose has been teaching survival skills continuously during his years of operation. There are many experts who have published their books. Some self-published books are out in the market with fifty to sixty pages only. These books are not written by published authors. So try to look for an expert that been published by a real publishing company. 

If you are looking for primitive living skills then try to find an expert in your geographic region. These experts are most familiar with the local flora and fauna. The longer these experts have lived within the geographic areas they teach, the greater their experience will be. Do not get carried away by seeing a particular expert on TV or magazine. These experts might not be the best all the time. So search for your specifications and hire one. These are some of the tips for finding family survival experts to protect your family and loved ones.

Family survival guide to protect your loved ones from disasters

Eminent man-made or natural disasters are bound to occur. You might be able to survive a disaster but with being prepared, you can help your family survive in a much better and organized way. It is your core responsibility to accommodate each member of the family when facing a man-made or natural disaster. While accommodating your family, make sure that each has access to food, water and medicine. When you are bugging out or in the disaster, use to protect your family. 

Your typical plan should include the following:

Each member of your family must has a bug out bag. These bug outs should offer at least 72 hours of supplies for each family member. Your home should have been bug out vehicles. These vehicles should carry water and food worth of two weeks’ time. In addition to this, the bug out vehicles should also contain ammunition and firearms. 

Not many people think about keeping important documents at hand. In order to prepare your family against disasters, keep documents such as social security cards, birth certificates, credit cards, person identification, passports, and currency and family photos at hand. You must incorporate family threat assessment such as hostile postures, surrounding fire and downed power lines. You should establish pre-determined rally pointed between family members including other trusted members of your survival group by family survival experts

Being parents, you should include family member acquisition from private schools and businesses to various rally points. You along with you family must know the Natural Disaster and CBRN response.

Family survival guide- Tips for defense of your kids

For every family, children bring meaning to their lives. When it comes to your children, there should be no hesitation. The moment your kid threatens the instinctual reaction is the time when you should immediately engage the threat. This is the reason why responsible families prepare plans for various natural and man-made disasters. Get prepared beforehand instead of being forced to think in a catastrophe. You should invest in family survivalguide in order to prepare your family members using common sense and responsible guidelines. 

When it comes to your kids, never underestimate them. Kids generally react to body language very well and can read it as well. They can be wizards at snap logic. So design the survival planning very cleverly. If your children are between ages of to ten, then they can be taught basic defensive skills. You can start with teaching your children the building blocks of defense. You can utilize the play time of kids into a chance for teaching a required survival skill to your kids. Use numbers, colors, chores and letters in these moments to instill the fundamental blocks of survival. 

As your kids grow older, you can enroll them in self-defense classes such as judo, jiu-jitsu and various mixed martial arts. You can get your child enrolled on his/her 7th birthday. The self-defense classes not only will teach your children on how to defend themselves in the absence of elders or weapons but will also instill a sense of discipline. 

In addition, if you have guns in your home and your children are older than 7 then you must teach your kids firearms safety. Teach your kids that guns invite heartbreaks. Keep all firearms at your home secured in a gun safe product. Do allow your kids to practice shooting and fire but only in your presence. At all other times, keep the guns at a safer place. Value your kids by following this simple